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Green Tree School

Green Tree School Gold Award

Our school has been awarded this Gold Award for all our hard work learning about the woodlands: we had challenges to complete and various projects to gain points towards this award. Our children had fun learning about different types of trees and what uses the trees have for our city, our country and the rest of the world. They also learned that a lot of animals and insects use trees as their homes, for their food and for travel and protection, climbing up and jumping from tree to tree, away from the ground and the predators below.

We had fun going on woodland walks, scavenger and mini-beast hunts, researching, taking photographs, making animals homes, den building and finding out what trees are best for making various objects we use every day and see around our home and school.

Over the past two years children from Lidget Green Primary School have been involved in planting over 1000 trees, some in the local area some further afield. We are watching them grow; some of them are fruit trees so we are waiting with excitement for these to fruit. You can see some of our trees – and other plants – in the Lidget Green Memorial Garden outside St Wilfrid’s Church on Clayton Road.