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Welcome back everyone! It’s so nice to see the children safely back at school.


Chair of Governors: Mrs Deirdre Bailey

The role of the Governing Body

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • To hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent
  • To monitor the achievement, safeguarding and well-being of the school’s pupils
  • To set and monitor the school’s aims and policies
  • To form policy on the school’s curriculum and collective worship
  • To appoint and, if necessary, to dismiss staff
  • To hear appeals and grievances (may be at sub-committee level)
  • To set standards for pupils’ behaviour and discipline
  • To ensure the school building and site is safe and meets the needs of its pupils

The Governing Body has two sub-committees that meet half-termly:

Finance and General Purposes Committee (FGP Com) – formerly Finance and Building (F&B Com)

  • Monitoring the budget
  • Staffing
  • Pay related policies
  • SFVS (Schools Financial Value Statement)
  • Buildings updates including health & safety

Teaching and Learning  (T&L Com)

  • Pupil data and outcomes
  • Pupil attendance, punctuality and behaviour
  • Overview of teaching
  • Staff well-being and health

In addition, the Pay Committee and the Panels Committee will meet as required.

Panels Committee 

All non-staff Governors are appointed to the Committee for all types of Hearings and appointments; members will be chosen for panels from these Governors according to eligibility and availability.


GOVERNING BODY 2019 - 2020
Staff Governors
Mrs A Hassan
Parent Governors
Mr A Mahmood
Mrs S Rashid
Mrs G Ajaz
Mr T Masood
LA Governor
Currently awaiting confirmation from the Local Authority
Co-opted Governors
Nominations currently being accepted
Nominations currently being accepted
Nominations currently being accepted

Register of interests of Current Governors serving and those who have served at any time in the last 12 months at Lidget Green Primary School (School year 2019 / 2020)

Full NameType of Governor

Appointed by
Term of Office (beginning and end dates)Committee membership
201 / 2020
Any special roles and responsibilities
Other educational institutions at which a governorBusiness interests and Date notifiedRelationship to any other governor or member of the school staff including spouses, partners or relativesMeetings attended over the previous year

(School Year 2018/201

Ex FGB = 1
FGB = 6
T&L com = 4
F&GP = 6 = 17 meetings in total )
Christine MoranCurrent Head Teacher

Self Nomination
26.09.17 - 25.09.21FGP Com
T&L Com
NoneNoneNoneFGB 3 (5)
Ex FGB = (1)
F&GP = (6)
T&L Com = (3)
Nigel CooperCo opted
App by - FGB
01.05.18 - 30.04.22
Resigned 31.12.19
Training and Devt Gov.
Pay Com
T&L Com
Wibsey Primary SchoolNoneNoneFGB = 1 (5)
Ex FGB = (1)
F&GP = (5)
T&L Com = N/A

Deidre BaileyCo opted
App by - FGB
01.05.18 - 30.04.22Chair
Safeguarding and CP Gov.
Pupil Premium Gov.
T&L Com
Pay Com
Director Pennine Academies Yorkshire
(Chair of Governors at Crossley Hall Primary School)
Director Pennine Academies YorkshireNoneFGB = 1 (3)
Ex FGB = (1)
T&L Com = (2 )

Jean TitheridgeCo - opted App by - Gov Body28.09.15 - 27.09.19
Resigned 16.07.19
English Gov
T&L Com
(T&L Com)
NoneNoneNoneFGB = (6)
Ex FGB = (1)
T&L Com = (4$
Gulzreen AjazParent
Parent Election
08.03.19 - 07.03.23Equality Gov
Maths Gov
Pay Com
(F&B Com)
NoneNoneNoneFGB = (3)
Ex FGB = (1)
F&GP =( 4)
T&L Com = N/A

Tilal MasoodParent
Parent Election
14.11.16 - 13.11.20Pay Com - HT pay only
Gov briefing rep
(F&B Com)
NoneNoneNoneFGB = 1 (1)
Ex FGB = (0)
F&GP = N/A
T&L Com = N/A
Atif MahmoodParent
Parent Election
19.06.18 - 18.06.22Vice Chair
FGP Com Chair Safeguarding and CP Gov
Maths Gov
NoneNoneNoneFGB = 1 (4)
Ex FGB = (1)
T&L Com = (3)
F&GP = (3)
Afshan HassanStaff
Staff Election
13.12.17 - 12.12.21FGP ComNoneNoneNoneFGB = 1 (5)
Ex FGB = (1)
F&GP = (1)
T&L Com = N/A
Shahida RashidParent
Parent Election
19.06.18 - 18.06.22T&L ComNoneFGB = 1 (5 )
Ex FGB = (1)
F&GP Com = N/A
T&L Com = N/A
Helen LeylandCo - opted
App by - Gov Body

26.01.16 - 25.01.20
Did not seek re-appointment
(F&B Com)
NoneNoneRelated to Mrs J Brady, HLTAFGB = 1 (6)
Ex FGB = (0)
F&GP = (6)
T&L Com = N/A