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5M are going on a farm trip on Wednesday 11th Sept for an Autumn Harvest. Don’t forget your wellies!


Chair of Governors: Mr Nigel Cooper

The role of the Governing Body

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • To hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent
  • To monitor the achievement, safeguarding and well-being of the school’s pupils
  • To set and monitor the school’s aims and policies
  • To form policy on the school’s curriculum and collective worship
  • To appoint and, if necessary, to dismiss staff
  • To hear appeals and grievances (may be at sub-committee level)
  • To set standards for pupils’ behaviour and discipline
  • To ensure the school building and site is safe and meets the needs of its pupils

The Governing Body has two sub-committees that meet half-termly:

Finance and General Purposes Committee (FGP Com) – formerly Finance and Building (F&B Com)

  • Monitoring the budget
  • Staffing
  • Pay related policies
  • SFVS (Schools Financial Value Statement)
  • Buildings updates including health & safety

Teaching and Learning  (T&L Com)

  • Pupil data and outcomes
  • Pupil attendance, punctuality and behaviour
  • Overview of teaching
  • Staff well-being and health

In addition, the Pay Committee and the Panels Committee will meet as required.

Panels Committee 

All non-staff Governors are appointed to the Committee for all types of Hearings and appointments; members will be chosen for panels from these Governors according to eligibility and availability.


GOVERNING BODY 2018 - 2019
Staff Governors
Mrs A Hassan
Parent Governors
Mr A Mahmood
Mrs S Rashid
Mrs G Ajaz
Mr T Masood
LA Governor
Currently awaiting confirmation from the Local Authority
Community Governors
Nominations currently being accepted.
Miss H Leyland
Nominations currently being accepted
Mrs M Griffiths

Register of interests of Current Governors serving and those who have served at any time in the last 12 months at Lidget Green Primary School (School year 2017 / 2018)

Full NameType of Governor

Appointed by
Term of Office (beginning and end dates)Committee membership
2018 / 2019
Any special roles and responsibilities
Other educational institutions at which a governorBusiness interests and Date notifiedRelationship to any other governor or member of the school staff including spouses, partners or relativesMeetings attended over the previous year
Ex FGB = 1
FGB = 3
T&L com =2
F&GP = 3

(School Year 2017/2018
FGB: 6 F&B Com: 5
T&L Com: 3 = 14 meetings in total )
Christine MoranCurrent Head Teacher

Self Nomination
26.09.17 - 25.09.21FGP Com
T&L Com
Ex FGB = 1
F&GP = 6
T&L Com = 3
Nigel CooperCo opted
App by - FGB
01.05.18 - 30.04.22Chair
Training and Devt Gov.
Pay Com
T&L Com
Wibsey Primary SchoolN/AN/AFGB = 5
Ex FGB = 1
F&GP = 5
T&L Com = N/A

Deidre BaileyCo opted
App by - FGB
01.05.18 - 30.04.22Vice Chair
Safeguarding and CP Gov.
Pupil Premium Gov.
T&L Com
Pay Com
Chair of Governors at Crossley Hall Primary SchoolN/AN/AFGB = 3
Ex FGB = 1
T&L Com = 2 (1)

Jean TitheridgeCo - opted App by - Gov Body28.09.15 - 27.09.19
Resigned 16.07.19
English Gov
T&L Com
(T&L Com)
Ex FGB = 1
T&L Com = 4
Gulzreen AjazParent
Parent Election
08.03.19 - 07.03.23Equality Gov
Maths Gov
Pay Com
(F&B Com)
Ex FGB = 1
F&GP = 4
T&L Com = N/A

Tilal MasoodParent
Parent Election
14.11.16 - 13.11.20Pay Com - HT pay only
Gov briefing rep
(F&B Com)
Ex FGB = 0
F&GP = N/A
T&L Com = N/A
Atif MahmoodParent
Parent Election
19.06.18 - 18.06.22FGP Com Chair Safeguarding and CP Gov
Maths Gov
Ex FGB = 1
T&L Com = 3
F&GP = 3
Afshan HassanStaff
Staff Election
13.12.17 - 12.12.21FGP ComN/AN/AN/AFGB = 5
Ex FGB = 1
F&GP = 1
T&L Com = N/A
Shahida RashidParent
Parent Election
19.06.18 - 18.06.22T&L ComN/AFGB = 5
Ex FGB = 1
F&GP Com = N/A
T&L Com = N/A
Helen LeylandCo - opted App by - Gov Body26.01.16 - 25.01.20FGP Com
(F&B Com)
N/AN/ARelated to Mrs J Brady, HLTAFGB = 6
Ex FGB = 0
F&GP = 6
T&L Com = N/A