Online Safety

Information for Parents

The Internet is a vast ocean of information and content. While many of us will go online and have a positive experience, we must accept that this is not always the case. Unfortunately, with every piece of insightful content we see, there are times when we can come across something hurtful, damaging or upsetting. The freedom that many of us can experience online can pave the way for many things but it shouldn’t come at the expense of harming others. So when we see something online that we know is harmful, it is time to take action and report it.

A lot of us can fall victim to online harm, being targeted with abuse, threats, harassment and unwanted sexual advances amongst many other things. Being targeted by a perpetrator of online harm can make us feel powerless, alone and without support. Despite this, reporting allows us to take back some control whilst getting support from those who can help!

Even if we aren’t being targeted ourselves, we’ve all seen something online that we know is hurting someone, somewhere. Rather than ignore it, reporting it is a small step towards showing perpetrators that this type of harmful behaviour will not be tolerated online.

The Bradford Children and Families Trust have a ‘report a concern’ button on their website.

Here are a selection of excellent resources to in

form you about online safety.

Please click on the image to read more information about keeping young children and children with SEND safe online.