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Phonic Sounds

This video shows you how to practise the sounds that the children have learnt so far. The children need to say each sound (phoneme) to match the letter (grapheme). They then blend theses sounds to read words.

Phonics 1

The following video shows you how to help your child blend sounds to read simple regular words.

Phonics 2

Once your child is confident in reading simple regular words, they need to practise reading simple captions and sentences. This video shows you how your child should read a caption. They need to decode each word and then say the whole caption/sentence.

Phonics 3

Once your child knows how to read simple captions they will be given a reading book. They should read this book in a similar way, as shown on the video. It is important to read the book several times so that they gain confidence and fluency.
Whichever stage your child is at with their reading, please give them lots of praise and encouragement.



Welcome to Lidget Green’s Virtual Art Gallery!


Earlier this month all children participated in a school wide Arts Week. Each year group focused on several artists from around the world, from different time periods. They learned about different styles and techniques and then had a go at creating pieces inspired by their chosen artists. Usually, we would have loved to invite you to the hall to view the children’s fantastic work in our Gallery. Sadly, this year it was not to be. But we still wanted you to get the opportunity to view your child’s artwork – introducing our Virtual Art Gallery! Simply click on your child’s class to view the Gallery. We hope you enjoy seeing what the children have been up to. Thank you for visiting our Gallery – we look forward to the day when we can again welcome you into school to view their work.

Reception Gallery


Friday 11th September click here

Reception Work from Home

Below are resources for home learning.

PSHE EYFS / KS1: Feeling Better – Happy click here

CBeebies – Create cardboard creatures click here

CBeebies: numberblocks – adding and subtracting game level 1 click here

CBeebies: numberblocks – adding and subtracting game level 2 click here

CBeebies: numberblocks – adding and subtracting game level 3 click here

CBeebies – alphablocks a guide to phonics and reading click here

CBeebies – alphablocks Stage 2 Phonics videos click here

CBeebies – alphablocks – missing letter quiz click here

CBeebies – House Makes click here

Make a Monster click here

Cinderella Story – click here

Home Learning Pack click here

World eBook Reader click here

Keeping Healthy click here

Tricky Words click here

Early Years Website Links click here

School Closure Letter click here

Here is a compiled list of fantastic resources that are easily accessible via Amazon click here

How to make an paper craft earthworm click here

How to make a paper craft spider click here

BBC Bitesize – Counting to 20 click here

BBC Bitesize – Drum counting in ones and twos click here

BBC Bitesize – Counting back click here

BBC Bitesize – Counting in pairs click here

BBC Bitesize – Measuring click here

BBC Bitesize – Time sing click here

BBC Bitesize – Money song click here


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