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School Uniforms

Our main school uniform is: grey or black trousers or skirt; a white ‘polo’ shirt (with three buttons at the neck) and a royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo. Blue checked dresses can be worn in the summer term.

Please note that sweatshirts and cardigans are only available from school. You may see sweatshirts advertised as Lidget Green uniform in markets but these often have the wrong logo and are of poor quality. We do not make any profit from the sale of our sweatshirts and believe that the price that is charged reflects the quality of the garments we sell.  If you wish your child to wear a hijab to school, it should be a royal blue uniform hijab to match the sweatshirts.

We also have a P.E. uniform, which children should wear to school on the days they have P.E. This is: a red ‘polo’ shirt (with three buttons at the neck), a plain navy blue sweatshirt and plain navy blue jogging pants.

We sell P.E. uniform in the summer term, ready for the new school year in September. You can also buy the items for the P.E. uniform from a wide range of supermarkets and chain stores.

Your child will also need suitable shoes for school – dark coloured trainers or traditional ‘school shoes’ – and a good coat. Brightly coloured trainers are not allowed. Shoes with a heel and strappy sandals are not allowed either as they are not safe for children to wear when playing out.

No jewellery is allowed with P.E. uniform. Children may wear plain stud ear-rings and a wrist watch on days when they are not doing P.E. Other jewellery should not be worn and hairbands, bobbles etc should be plain blue or black.

You can buy a fleece jacket with the school logo on – it is a useful item as it can be worn alone on warmer days or under a coat for extra warmth in the winter.

If you visit Lidget Green Primary School, you will notice that most children have words embroidered on their sweatshirts. These are a central part of our celebration of achievement. Children can earn these badges for success in a wide variety of activities both academic and extra-curricular.