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Paper Copies of these policies are available from the office on request.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection is everybody’s responsibility. This safeguarding policy outlines the particular roles and responsibilities of our staff and the actions they must take if they have concerns about the safety or well-being of a child.

Head Teacher: Christine Moran

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Huma Raza

Please contact one of these people if you have any concerns about the safety or well being of any child in our school.

School telephone number: 01274 579576
NSPCC Helpline: 0808 800 5000
Childline: 0800 1111

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Acceptable Use Policy

All members of staff, students on placement, supply teachers etc must sign a copy of this policy statement before a system login password is granted. All children must be made aware through class discussion of all the important issues relating to acceptable use.

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Accessibility Statement and Plan

At Lidget Green Primary School we are committed to working together to provide an inspirational and exciting learning environment where all children can develop an enthusiasm for life-long learning. We believe that children should feel happy, safe and valued so that they gain a respectful, caring attitude towards each other and the environment both locally and globally.

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We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our pupils so they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. Bullying of any kind is acceptable at our school. If bullying does occur, all pupils should be able to tell and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. We are a telling school. Anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to tell the staff.

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Attendance Policy

Regular attendance at school is essential to promote the education of all pupils; it is also a means by which we can support the safeguarding of pupils. We want children to know that their presence in school is important and that they are missed when they are absent or late. The school will take appropriate action when necessary in order to promote the aims of the policy.

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Our Behaviour Policy is underpinned by principles set by our Governing Body. Good behaviour is an essential outcome of the education process; our school has a central role in children’s social and moral development just as it does in their academic development. Children bring to school a wide variety of behaviour patterns based on differences in home values, attitudes and experiences and so we must set standards of behaviour based on the core principles of honesty, respect, consideration and responsibility. All adults in school have a responsibility to model high standards of behaviour, both in their dealings with the children and with each other; their example is a significant influence on the children.

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Charging and Remissions

Lidget Primary School believes that all our pupils should have an equal opportunity to benefit from school activities and visits (curricular and extra curricular) independent of their parents’ financial means. This charging policy describes how we will do our best to ensure a good range of visits and activities is offered and, at the same time, try to minimise the finacial barriers which may prevent some pupils taking full advantage of the opportunities.

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Code of Conduct for Parents, Community Members and Visitors

Pupils, Parents, Families, Governors and all Staff at Lidget Green Primary School have the right to feel safe and secure on our premises. The Headteacher and all staff are here to create the circumstances to allow this to happen. Governors, Parents and the wider community also assist in this process.

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Complaints Procedure 

We are proud that the school has excellent relationships with our parents and with our local community. From time to time parents may have a concern about their child’s education or well-being, or a member of the public may have a concern about some aspect of the school. We are always happy to look into these concerns. Most concerns can be resolved by informal discussion with a member of the school staff. The attached policy outlines the process for making a formal complaint.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR policy)

Our school aims to ensure that all personal data collected about staff, pupils, parents, governors, visitors and other individuals is collected, stored and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This policy applies to all personal data, regardless of whether it is in paper or electronic format. To read the full policy click here.

Early Years Foundation Stage Outdoor Learning

At Lidget Green Primary School, we believe the outdoor learning environment is as important as the indoor learning environment. We value outdoor play as an intrinsic part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. 

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Equality Policy and Objectives

The governing body and school is committed to a policy of equality and aims to ensure that no employee, job applicant, pupil or other member of the school community is treated less favourable on grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability or religious belief. Any behaviour, comments or attitudes that undermine or threaten an individual’s self-esteem on these grounds will not be tolerated. We aim to provide equal access to high quality educational opportunities and to ensure that everyone feels that they are a valued member of the school community. We seek to provide a safe and happy environment where all can flourish and where cultural diversity is celebrated.

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Exclusion Policy

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First Aid

As a school, we will experience incidents requiring first aid attention. In all incidents we must ensure that, however big or small the occurrence may seem, we follow the correct guidance and be fully prepared for all possible events.

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Health & Safety

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Inclusion Policy

At Lidget Green Primary School, we have a commitment to Inclusive Practice across the school. We welcome children and their families, staff, governors and visitors regardless of their background and seek to make them feel welcomed and valued. We ask only that they share our commitment to the well-being of the school community and its members.

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Inclusion Provision

A summary of Inclusive Practice at Lidget Green.

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Lidget Green Local Offer

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Online Safety

Online Safety is of paramount importance and here in Lidget Green we aim to equip children with the knowledge to keep themselves safe.

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Privacy Statement

At Lidget Green Primary School, we are committed to protecting and respecting the data we hold on our children and their families. Most of the data that we hold is information that we have collected from parents, that we are legally obligated to hold or that enables us to carry out activities that fulfill our duties or our legitimate interests as a school, for example, communicating with parents and sharing the work of our school.

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Prevent Policy

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Pupil Premium Plan

At Lidget Green Primary School we want each child’s educational journey to be a positive and enriching experience. The foundation for this is high quality teaching and learning, supported by a rigorous curriculum and a wide range of enrichment activities. Full details of our Pupil Premium plan can be found here:

Pupil Premium Policy

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Relationships Education Policy

At Lidget Green Primary School the aim of relationships education is to help pupils develop self-respect, confidence and empathy.  Pupils will learn about what makes healthy relationships, focusing on family and friendships, in a way that is age appropriate and sensitive to their faith.  This will include online relationships, and how to seek help if they feel unsafe.  Teaching will respect the diversity of families in our community.

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Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

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SEN and Disability Policy

Lidget Green Primary School fully recognises its responsibility in providing equality of opportunity for all of its pupils irrespective of their ability, gender, race, creed, physical ability or social circumstances. This is clearly set out in The Equality Policy, which underpins and informs the school’s approach to any type of discrimination. This policy deals with the specific duties relating to The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 which amended the Disability Discrimination Act Part 4 to prevent discrimination against disabled people in their access to education.

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If you have any concerns about SEN and Disability provision in our school, please contact the SENDCO, Mrs Afshan Hassan, or the Headteacher via the school’s main office on 01274579576. Full details of our Complaints Policy and procedure can be found here.

SEN in our School

Here is an overview of Special Educational Needs in our school. Click here

SEN Information Report

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Sex and Relationship Educational Policy

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Snow and Adverse Weather Policy

In the event of heavy snow, we will always do our best to keep school open but the health and safety of children, staff and other people in our community must be our first consideration.

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