Urgent message from Mrs Moran

March 22, 2020 6:44 pm

Dear parents/carers
I hope everyone is safe and well. After watching the daily update from our Prime Minister I feel it is important to contact our families.
If you have been offered a childcare place we strongly advise thatyou consider if it is critical to the Covid 19response. Amendedguidance now states that provision is available for critical KEYWorkers when they are atwork only.
Please, please only use us as a last resort – emergency childcare. Iam really concerned that I won’t be able tokeep everyone inschool two metres apart and despite all the stringent hygienemeasures that are in place,school is nowhere near as safe aschildren’s homes.
The staff I have available are reducing by the day and it feels asthough I am being asked by the governmentto bring far too manypeople into one building, which obviously increases the chance ofinfection despiteeverything we are trying to do to minimise it.
The last thing I want to do is to frighten people, but I have to beabsolutely honest and tell you that school isthe last place to be atthe moment. Whilst I and some of my staff are well enough at themoment to take therisk, it’s a risk that parents should only betaking if faced with absolutely NO other option.
If you do need to send your child into school then please informthrough office email , before dropping yourchild off, what yourworking patterns and shifts will be. School will require employee’saddress and email toverify position and working hours. Pleasealso put in your email two emergency contacts for your child.
Thank you for your understanding and support in such a difficulttime. Stay safe,
Mrs Moran