As Reading Lead, I am committed to ensuring that reading is at the very heart of our curriculum. Through exposure to increasingly complex texts, children are provided with opportunities to expand their vocabulary, gain new information, and improve their fluency.  We want our children to be successful lifelong readers who find pleasure in reading.  

Reading Strategy

Please take a look at our Reading Strategy, outlining our schools aims, implementation and assessment of reading. 

Strategy for Reading


Reading Curriculum

Our Reading Skills lessons feature carefully selected core texts, which include both fiction and non-fiction books. These daily lessons allow our children to apply their emerging reading skills by examining different extracts of books. 

Core Texts 2023- 2024


Reading Rewards

To support our children to develop as a lifetime reader, we reward our children with incentives to read regularly. Your child has a Reading Record book which they must bring home daily with a book they have chosen from school. It is essential that your child reads for at least 15 minutes each day with an adult at home in order to develop their fluency and their understanding of texts.

Children receive a tick for every day they read during the week, including Saturday and Sunday, as well as every day during the holidays.  Children will be rewarded for the ticks they have collected. 

Please view the list of prizes below.

Number of times readPrizes
50Reading Badge
100Book for class
200Book for home
250Waterstones Voucher


Reading Nooks

Every classroom features a comfortable, visually appealing, exciting reading nook that is well-stocked with a variety of books.

Author Focus

We have a termly author focus that allows children to experience books written by one author and gain knowledge about them.

School Libraries

Our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 libraries are something we are really proud of. We have an amazing selection of books, including poetry, non-fiction, and fiction.
To encourage Reading for Pleasure, children have weekly visits to the library
and select books to take home and share with their families.

Key Stage 1 Library

 Key Stage 2 Library